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Introducing a revolutionary calendar system designed for the eyes of players and parents, with powerful tools for administrators and coaches. This Event Calendar Management System was built from the ground up for instant access to full calendar detail for the web and mobile devices.


Team Schedule

Team Schedule the way it should be. Full event view at a glance with all relevant information (Event Type, Date and time, expected arrival, travel time, opponent and location with Map Link.)


Instant Email or Text notification feature to Members from Coaches and Managers. No more group email with CC or BCC with all members. Provide multiple emails and mobile numbers for all members.


Be aware who is coming. Full RSVP feature to events. Notify coaches of expected attendance before events.


View, Edit and Manage your calendar on any of your devices with ease. Create an Icon using the Add to Home Screen option of your phone.

About Us

Being a parent of 3 kids, coaching multiple sports and actively playing on organized leagues, there comes a time that you wonder if there is a better way to manage a scheduling chaos. Existing Online Solutions were overwhelming, complicated or incomplete.  There was a need for a development of an innovative solution that does it correctly and better. Flux Sports Calendar was born…

Now with several years of testing and over a 1000 users later we have a system that you can use to simplify your teams management from Scheduling, Notification and RSVP.


Check it out in action. See a short intro video.

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